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We have created this series as a guide to answer the question of "Why?", rather than "How?". This is not intended to be a lesson on porting or any other engine modification. Performance engine modifications such as porting cylinders or heads can be a very risky undertaking. It takes a complete understanding of engine design, process, application and performance, not to mention a lot of experience, to successfully port any engine correctly without doing more harm than good.

This information is directed toward power sport riders. However, this can also be applied to any combustion engine, from chainsaws to large diesels. Particularly muscle cars and performance import cars can and do benefit greatly from proper port modifications.

It should also be noted that any performance modification, not just porting and polishing, will more than likely void the manufacturer's warranty. No matter how good the quality of work is.

By the end of this series we hope you will have a decent understanding of what porting and polishing does and the potential it offers. If you don't yet understand why a port job is a great idea, or why it is important to select an experienced mechanic to do your port work, we encourage you to read this information.

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